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Ellie Overfield is a blogger and advocate for all things mental health and lifestyle.

  • The importance of rest

    Friday 27 January Nobody talks about the value of allowing yourself rest and recovery days. Whether you’re an athlete or not, rest days are vital for mental health recovery as well as physical recovery. For so long I didn’t “allow myself” days where I barely move from my bed. I feared being ill for this […]

  • Getting out of a funk

    Monday 23 January January is a hard month for us all, and a time when we often feel low and need a pick-me-up. Over the last few weeks I haven’t felt like myself – I’ve been unmotivated, feeling low, and distracting myself from my feelings. Self-care has been low on the priorities list. So, it’s […]

  • Feeling stuck: not knowing what to do

    Saturday 7 January I’m stuck. I feel lost. Does anyone else feel like this at the beginning of the new year? The last month has been an oasis of joy: spending time with old friends and family, truly enjoying a well-deserved break. And now we’re back in reality. The past few days have not been […]

About Me

Hi! I’m Ellie, an avid writer and podcaster, interested in all things from culture and language, to fitness and food, journalling and self-care.

Studying – undergraduate at University of Warwick, England BA in Modern Languages and Linguistics. My favourite module is Sociolinguistics, which is what I want to go into in research after I graduate

Writing – much of my free time consists of me sitting in a café or at my desk with an oat milk latte and a cookie writing short stories or novels!

Health advocating for teen mental health and practising self care over the last few years stems from my own personal experiences with the matter. Exercise and focusing on health and self-gratitude are some of the main areas I talk about here on Pepetoe. After years of restricting food, I am now at the stage where I can rave about the pleasures of food freedom and all the yummy foods I “allow myself” to eat!

Travel – from city breaks in Europe to the turquoise, transparent seas in the East, and to the ski slopes in the highlands. My favourite place is Barcelona, from the culture to the architecture

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