Eating Disorder Awareness

On this page, you can find 6 posts all relating to the difficult subject of eating disorders. Join me as I talk about my own experiences with Anorexia and raise awareness and give a voice to this delicate topic. (Trigger Warning: Please don’t read these posts if you feel like these could trigger really negative emotions xx)

The Difficult Subject: Eating Disorders

This week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, established by BEAT, the leading charity and organisation for eating disorder awareness globally. For me, this is a very […]

Social Media & Eating Disorders

It’s Day 2 of EDAW (Eating Disorder Awareness Week) and today I’m coming to the subject of social media. More and more in the news and […]

My Journey

This is the scariest thing I have ever written. How do I start writing about the darkest time of my life? Ok, that started off pretty […]


“It’s called gaining life back.” The process of recovering from an eating disorder is in no way linear. It is no as simple as some people […]

ED Awareness Week: Post 6ā€“ Conclusion

Saturday 5th March Since posting a lot over the last few days, I have received a lot of positive feedback and comments from friends and family […]

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