Should learning a foreign language be compulsory?

Nowadays, English schools offer a meagre range and variety of languages to students to learn at GCSE-level or even just a lunch-time club. Less and less children are picking up languages; the three main ones are usually French, Spanish and German. That said, a lot of schools only offer French. In England, between the agesContinue reading “Should learning a foreign language be compulsory?”

Oxford University Interview Experience!

The season of Oxbridge interviews has arrived! Having done both my interviews this week, I have decided to share my own experience and thoughts about the application process for Oxford University. Of course this year the whole process and experience is different: interviews are online. Whether that’s advantageous or not, it depends. First of all,Continue reading “Oxford University Interview Experience!”

The Importance of English

I get asked quite a lot, why I bother to study languages at A-Level. I am learning Spanish, German and Latin currently, in order to (fingers crossed) go on to achieve 3 As-A*s to study at Oxford University or Warwick, doing German and Spanish combined BA Honours. That’s my dream. In my opinion, studying languagesContinue reading “The Importance of English”