What exercise means to me.

Most of the time my friends mock me for the amount of sport and workouts I do, when really, instead of making fun of me, they should be doing exercise too! (You know who you are!!!) No matter what, I make sure I do at least one workout or hockey session a day. It’s justContinue reading “What exercise means to me.”

The Importance of English

I get asked quite a lot, why I bother to study languages at A-Level. I am learning Spanish, German and Latin currently, in order to (fingers crossed) go on to achieve 3 As-A*s to study at Oxford University or Warwick, doing German and Spanish combined BA Honours. That’s my dream. In my opinion, studying languagesContinue reading “The Importance of English”

My Favourite Songs 2020

Music plays such a big part of me life, like most of my friends and the majority of teenagers in particular. Not a day goes by when I don’t have my earphones in jamming out to my favourite songs. Many people – adults, mostly – say that this can be damaging to people my age,Continue reading “My Favourite Songs 2020”

Summer Bucket List Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for summer this year! Recently, I have been planning holidays and things to do and that’s why this blog post is very apt, since I am already making my own to-do list for the summer. It’s never too early to start planning! What’s on myContinue reading “Summer Bucket List Ideas”

What inspires me :)

Today’s blog post will be a short one, since I’ve had a busy few days coming back from holiday and doing last minute homework and seeing friend etc., the usual. The topic I have chosen to discuss is my inspiration(s) in life. What motivates me to succeed? There are many things that could answer thisContinue reading “What inspires me :)”

It’s OK to be selfish.

If anyone ever comes to me looking upset, down or just seeking advice, this is the suggestion I typically give: sometimes you have got to be selfish in life and put yourself before others before you can actually help anyone else overcome their problems. In the society today, a lot of the time people areContinue reading “It’s OK to be selfish.”

Social media & Having Self-Confidence

Thursday 20th February 2020 Today’s blog post is a difficult topic for me, since I have struggled with self-confidence and self-belief in the past. But, I believe going through this struggle that every teenager goes through at some point, or maybe even also struggles with it, and so it is a very apt topic toContinue reading “Social media & Having Self-Confidence”

Top Tips For Motivation

Over the years, I have learned some very useful tips and tricks on how to stay motivated when it comes to getting your summer bod’ or simply for staying fit and healthy by working out. I am a very motivated, driven person who also loves to work out and visit the gym. In my friendContinue reading “Top Tips For Motivation”