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Importance of Reflective Practise + Gratitude

Saturday August 13 For over four months I have been utilising the practises of reflection and gratitude to help me grow and flourish as an individual. To a lot of people, this sounds peculiar, some might say ‘airy-fairy’. To me, this method and lifestyle is the only one that has been effective in my self-growth […]

The Ardour of Travel

Travel broadens the horizon of a person. It equips you with knowledge of customs, traditions and language of dozens of countries. Travel allows you to grow and evolve in your self, learning new qualities you never knew you had. As I get older and more independent and free, the world of travelling calls to me. […]

Fear: How To Change The Way We View It

Thursday July 21 Fear is an emotion, triggered by the threat of danger or pain. When we are scared of something, we pull back and retreat. It’s hard to overcome a fear when the fight or flight response kicks in. As we advance in society, fear is often linked to the future; fear is not […]

BBID: Bad Body Image Days

Saturday 16 July Whether you’re a girl or a guy, older or younger, we all experience dayslike this. We look in the mirror and think “ugh, I look awful today”,whether that’s your body, hair, face, skin. We judge ourselves based on our appearance. On these days, we are only focussed on our appearance. We judge […]

19 Things I Have Learnt in 19 Years

Friday 15 July Memories over gym This is something which I often talk about nowadays, but since I was 12 I believed that working out and being “healthy” was more important than friends and family. I missed out on so many days and nights out with family and friends over the past six years. And […]

People Pleasing

Tuesday July 5th In this society, we are consumed by the idea that we have to live up to people’s standards and what they think of you. Part of the process of prioritising yourself and working on the relationship you have with yourself (because at the end of the day the only person you’re stuck […]


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