Who am I?

Hi! My name is Ellie, a 16-year-old girl from England. I wanted to become a blogger in order to share my experiences as a teenager from lifestyle to fashion to fitness. This blog is just me expressing my opinions on certain topic areas and being myself above all!



Growing up, I have always loved the concept of fashion, intrigued by the way fashion takes up a big part of our lives, with thousands of hashtags on Instagram and dozens of magazines all about the subject. I like how anyone can wear anything they like and call it fashion, not necessarily following the trends. Fashion is a form of expression and that is why I adore it so much.


Much of my free time consists of me sitting in a café or at my desk with an almond milk iced latte and a cookie writing short stories or novels, based on my own experiences so far in my life or entirely made-up fiction stories.


Since I was eight I have enjoyed taking part in my school’s dance committee and since quitting the club, I have continued choreographing at home and participating in the odd dance show.


Also, since I was eight, I have loved to play hockey as part of the school team and my local club. To me, hockey is a way of realising my emotions and helping me to deal with stress, as well as keeping me fit as a centre-midfielder!

Anything else?

I am a full-time student studying at a sixth-form which means I always have work to do! I study 3 languages: German, Spanish and Latin. Being able to speak a different language is very helpful and I am so passionate about it!

Let’s make something together.

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