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  • Restriction vs Food Freedom

    Tuesday May 17 Aren’t you fed up with diet culture and attaining the ideal body? These things change SO often, too. Last year, the ideal body amongst young women was thin and lean, and now we’re moving into the idea of curves and bigger butts. When will this cycle end? “Don’t eat carbs, definitely do […]

  • Update!

    Hey guys!Here’s an update for you… drumroll please… The podcast is LIVE! I have decided to call it “This Is Just The Beginning” as I thought “The Pepetoe Podcast” was a bit obvious. So far I have uploaded 5 juicy episodes were I get all into the nitty gritty details of topics often discussed on […]

  • 19 Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2022

    Sunday May 15 Here is a list have compiled of all the things I have learned so far this year, from mental health to fitness. This year I’ve been working on myself for myself and along this journey I have learned the following vital lessons: Stop comparing yourself to others: we often compare ourselves to […]

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