Summer Expectations

Thursday 11 May

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Summertime is always something to get excited about. Free from exams, university, and school. I know a lot of people who are also graduating this year, which means even more celebration is on the way.

I always say that summer is the time to be spontaneous, say yes to the road trips, holidays and nights out. Today, I’m not writing about this (for once!).

Lots of us have reached a weird stage in our lives. Whether you’re graduating from uni, or like me taking a break. I don’t know about you, but I am getting very stressed and worried about what my future is going to look like. I have a whole year away from uni to focus on myself – and that alone is scary. And I know graduating with no plans or job is also scary. But take it day by day, you never know what might come your way.

Since a young age, summer for me has always been about the things I explained just above: having fun. Last year was truly the best summer I ever had, because I allowed myself to soak up the good moments and simply be present. I can already tell that this summer will feel slightly different, as my future is constantly on my mind, like a lot of you, I’m sure.

Today I want to give you some different advice on how to take on this summer. Simply, don’t have any expectations – don’t get your hopes up. If you want a great summer, sure go for it. But if this summer doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it too, don’t be mad about it.

At the same time, keep the same philosophy of holding onto those happy moments and being present. This well help tremendously with the years to come, when you’re working full-time, have family etc. Hold onto those precious moments. Our lives may seem boring if we think about it in the simple way of “we only live to work”. In reality, we live to live, to enjoy happy moments as well as learning and growing from the hard ones.

I really want this summer to be as good as last year’s, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. This sounds kind of contradictory to my usual philosophy, as I always preach being positive as that will attract positive vibes back to you. Truth is, I know that this summer will be filled with pressure to find a job and to figure out what I want to do in my life. However, I’m holding onto the idea that I won’t be a student forever, and a “summer” won’t always mean having fun, partying and all that. So, for now, I’m going to make the most out of my summer, without putting high expectations on it. Taking it day by day and looking forward to those good days and days out.

On top of that, I am only nineteen. I haven’t lived my happiest moments yet, and even when I do, there’s always more to come. Yes, last summer was the happiest time of my life, but there’ll be more. I can’t keep holding onto who I was last summer. We change daily, monthly, yearly. I’m someone new again this summer, having learnt what I am now able to do and be social. This summer WILL be great because I want it to be great. This may be the last chance I have to be a “student in the summer”.

Go to those festivals, the parties, the days out, the holidays. Money comes back, memories don’t. Say yes, again and again. Just keep in mind that expectations may fall short. And that’s ok too. Live for the moment, not for the future.

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