April: Sun, Warmth and Joy

Wednesday 5 April

During the initial months of 2023 I felt… distant, lost, possibly even empty. I lost touch with myself. All forms of mindfulness that previously kept me grounded were out the window.

But those were the gloomy months of winter. Today is April 5th: Spring has bloomed upon us. The sun has been benevolent. I had forgotten how it feels to be blessed by the sun. The winter has ended. I’m not sure that the low mood of those colder months will completely dissipate, but the sun, the warmth and the freedom are a good start.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Life is a wave: we rise, we fall, and sometimes we crash into rocks. Here, this relates to the seasons. In winter, we may feel lower than in the summer, but we rise and our mood elevates. That’s how my mind works at the moment.

Energy givers, that’s what I am focusing on.

  • Sun: warmth + vitamins
  • Daily movement: getting in touch with my body, letting my body control the form of movement it needs each day (yoga, walking, dancing). I know how good I feel my soul and mind feels after even the smallest amount of time moving my body how it wants to be moved – no more pressure here
  • Dancing: I love just dancing to upbeat music around my room, letting my body just go with the flow, or switch the mood to more contemporary, lyrical dancing like I used to do years ago.
  • Spending time with people who don’t zap my energy: I spend my time wisely, only hanging out with friends (even family members) who raise my mood and energy. After all, we all know how it feels to be stuck in a room with certain people who only exert negative energy. I no longer have time for that
  • Fresh air: spending at least 10 minutes a day outside, hopefully first thing in the morning, to breathe in nature and to ground yourself to what truly matters in our lives, the world around us
  • Self-care, mindfulness, journaling, gratitude: connect with yourself
  • Hydration, hydration! (As well as healthy foods, but I won’t go on about that for obvious reasons if you’re aware of what I advocate for)
  • Meaningful connections: as I said above, spending time with loved ones, and working on those relationships that mean a lot to us (family, partners, best friends)
  • Doing things you love, for you and only you!

I am going to spend the next few months getting back in touch with myself, explore my feelings and get to know myself a little more. I hope you spend the next season doing the same ❤

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