Weight Gain: Benefits

Thursday 20 October

Why choose weight gain in recovery? Why choose recovery?

What Weight Gain Means To Me

Here’s a rather long list I made, which is now a Word Cloud as my laptop screensaver, for motivation for those days where I feel the urge to restrict/go backwards again. We don’t want that!

  • Gaining life back
  • Meals out
  • Nights out with friends
  • Christmas time – all the good foods and pumpkin lattes!
  • Baking and yummy goodies like pastries and cookies
  • Weight going to places I’ve never had: boobs + butt!
  • Becoming the best version of myself
  • Food freedom – the best experience and relief of my life
  • Body confidence
  • Lazy days with no guilt
  • Movie days with friends/partner
  • Travel – trying new cuisines
  • PIZZA!!
  • Getting my period back
  • Having energy I didn’t have during my ED
  • New clothes – weight gain means perhaps going up a size or two in clothing, but that means you get to buy lots of new clothes!
  • New relationship with the gym – going when you want to/exercising and moving your body the way you want, not the way your ED used to make you think
  • Growth + Change
  • Spreading awareness for others in starting their own recovery journey
  • Making memories (so many god damn memories)
  • Birthday parties
  • Coffee + cake dates with friends, or study dates alone
  • Time to sit and relax, read a book or watch netflix with no need to move/workout
  • Retraining my mindset to create one that can focus on other things and not purely food/exercise
  • Putting my time and energy in my relationships with others, especially my boyfriend
  • Learning new ways to grow
  • Social functioning – new energy to spend with friends
  • Finally, choose recovery/weight gain to let go of that past you that is no longer serving you. You deserve more than that limiting version of you. You have outgrown her ❤

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