Why We Aren’t Kind To Ourselves

Saturday June 25

In the Western world we are horrible to ourselves. We use ourselves (our bodies and minds) as punch-bags for all the stress and anger of our every day tribulations. We see the bad in everything and more or less have been conditioned that way since birth.

Suffering, pain and negativity has become part of our daily lives, a part of us. We hold on to those things because it’s easier than letting things go and choosing a positive, abundant mindset. The truth? We are f***** lazy. We have created our own mental prisons where we cannot escape, suppressed by our emotions and society. Isn’t that funny? We have created this sense of needing pain and pessimism ourselves, and complain that we cannot escape from it. A vicious cycle.

On top of laziness comes ignorance. We believe that “there is no way out” or “no hope for us” and thus remain in this pit of darkness and gloom. And it’s hard to climb out of that hole once you start digging down and down, but one step at a time it is possible. It takes one thing to help you realise that here’s more out there than whatever it is you’re dealing with right now: a quote, a single page from a book, something someone says on the radio, a message from a friend, a billboard, a view, a new experience. It takes one thing to give you hope again.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Surely if this is a self constructed state it should be easy to rewire our brain? It is not our fate nor our prophecy to suffer. We do that to ourselves and to each other in our society, a society that we constructed. A society that needs to change. But it can’t change without individuals deciding that for themselves. For ourselves.

Be kind to yourself. Why do we pick our our flaws and reject our qualities, virtues, every little nook and cranny of our body and mind. We are delicate and easily influenced. Our minds hear everything we say to ourselves and has a great tendency to hold on to the negative emotions and those things we say about ourselves like a trophy. Our minds want us to suffer until we actively change our mindset.

It’s time for a change in how we view ourselves. This comes from within. Nothing can change, no relationship can flourish, and no money can be made, without a strong and good relationship with you.

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