Hey guys!
Here’s an update for you… drumroll please

The podcast is LIVE!

I have decided to call it “This Is Just The Beginning” as I thought “The Pepetoe Podcast” was a bit obvious. So far I have uploaded 5 juicy episodes were I get all into the nitty gritty details of topics often discussed on this blog, Pepetoe: balance in life (alone vs social time), comparison & trying your best, being present, and advice for my younger self.

Do go and give it listen and leave a rate & review and share! It’s available on any podcast streaming service, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I really hope you enjoy! If for any reason you can’t access podcasts through a streaming service, I have linked the audios from Spotify below!

I have also updated my socials so be sure to give my Instagram a look at!


Pepetoe love ❤

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