Learning to Change: Rediscovering Yourself

Wednesday 11 May

The thought of change is horrific to some people: part of the human condition is to enjoy what we know and be afraid of what we don’t. But have you ever wondered what life would look like if there was no change and life was just rigid?

Change is exciting. It opens the door to so many new possibilities and opportunities never before imagined. Change allows you to become someone completely new, reinvent yourself. Isn’t that exciting?

Welcome to Season 2. The new you. You’re not someone different – you’re still the same person you once were – but you have built of from past experiences to become You 2.0, someone who has climbed the mountain and been knocked down too many times. Now you are standing on top of that mountain, with a whole new journey to embark on.

Change doesn’t entail completely reversal. It doesn’t mean that you create someone so far from the original you. It’s a process. You evolve, grow and expand. Change is a natural process, as seen with leaves falling off trees in fall and sprouting back in April. Change is good, change brings happiness, change is exciting.

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