It’s Ok to Slow Down

Sunday 1st May

Today I woke up feeling… lost. Does anyone else feel like this? At the end of the week, after a week of productivity and ‘strict routines’, my body and mind have demanded a rest.

This week I have started a completely new chapter in my journey to recovery and finding my bestest self. I have been enjoying a rather productive routine including yoga, journalling, walks and lots of work and studying. However, as much I have been enjoying this routine, this weekend I have felt my body slow down and basically demanding rest time.

This is something which I have always been so scared of: taking time off and having a day, or even just an afternoon, of just watching Netflix or sitting in bed and doing what I should really do on a Sunday. In my mind, I have to be productive 24/7, always on my feet doing things I think will make me happy and productive. However, productivity means nothing unless you take time off and give yourself the rest you need (I’m writing this also to tell myself to stop and enjoy the Sunday it is today!). Part of recovery for me is getting used to rest days. And part of my mindfulness journey is listening to my body. It’s tough but I need to do it in order to change my mindset and lifestyle.

Why am I telling you all this?

The topic of today’s post is all about slowing down. If you are like me and feel the need to always be doing something and fear rest and relaxation, let’s do this together. We don’t need to be running around all day doing errands and getting things done. It comes to a point where, like I am at today, you can’t do that one morning and you feel completely “lost”.

I get frustrated with myself when I wake up on those days, when I don’t do my yoga session or workout. I feel like a failure before my day has even started.

But we all need days off!

So, it’s Sunday. If you haven’t got anything planned, take the day off. If you have work to do or essays to write and you feel stressed and on lots of deadlines, take an hour off, right now after you’ve read this, put your work down (and your phone!) and watch some Netflix or listen to a podcast – something which I am SO into at the moment. Take time off, even if it’s just an hour.

❤ Pepetoe love.

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