What have you learned during the pandemic?

Tuesday 29 March 2022.

I am sure we have all had enough of the COVID Pandemic, I know I have. Over two years ago it all started and I do not think that any of us would have assumed the longevity of the virus and its consequences.

The pandemic has taken its toll on all of us mentally, socially and emotionally. Of course it is horrendous to see how healthcare systems economies have struggled, even now. However, we must take this time to look back on how we have grown as people since the pandemic. If anything, I believe living two years of complete uncertainty has taught us all a few lessons.

So, what have you learned and/or accomplished during the last two years?

I’ll go first. Like many of us, especially as young people, I have developed more social anxiety. I find it hard to go out and meet new people or even spend time with my own friends, as for a year of my life, we could hide behind screens with online schooling and social media. This has been one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic for me.

But if you have read my other recent posts, the biggest consequence of the regal Corona-Virus has been the not-so-glorified eating disorder that today I am still sparring with. It has been a tremendously difficult few years during the pandemic with this cherry on top.

However, I like to think that thanks to these two major events in my life, they have taught me something: I am a lot stronger than I once thought. When I thought that I’d never be able to eat certain foods again, or go a day without going on the treadmill or sweating out a forty-minute HIIT session, I was wrong. Time and time again over the last nine months I have proved myself wrong. Time and time again I have had to jump over so many hurdles in my path, and a lot of the time it wasn’t as easy as a smooth jump, but rather a crawl with a lot of tears. With the fear of a relapse coming back over the last month, I have had to tell myself every day that I am strong and I do not want to go back to who I was this time last year and time before that, someone with no emotion or personality.

The pandemic and this still prevalent condition have built me up to this person I am today, who knows my worth and is strong enough to be able to control my thoughts and push them back on days when that part of my brain tells me I don’t need to eat or I have to do three workouts a day. I am now capable of telling it “no”, and let me tell you, that is one of the most freeing and amazing experiences in the world.

What have you learned? Are you stronger today than you were before? Have you changed as a person so much you wouldn’t recognise who you were in March 2020?

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