ED Awareness Week: Post 6– Conclusion

Saturday 5th March

Since posting a lot over the last few days, I have received a lot of positive feedback and comments from friends and family and even strangers. It’s been so encouraging to know that people are there to support me and this has made me feel so grateful to have these kind of people in my life.

Some people have even shared their own stories with me — again, something which I am very thankful for. Although it’s reassuring to know that I am not alone and that others are struggling with this too, in their own unique ways, it’s also saddening to hear the effects of COVID in the last couple years and the rise of eating disorders amongst more so people my age. It’s disheartening to know that so many have struggled in silence throughout their journey, and thus I have been posting this week to get my story out, raise awareness, but also to give a voice to this prickly topic that not a lot of people are brave enough to do. It has taken so much courage this week, and I admit that there has been tears looking at the wonderful comments I have received and looking back at how far I have come, but I am still on the journey of recovery and more still needs to be done to voice this issue. So many are struggling with an eating disorder and thus we need to do more to let them know that they are not alone

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