Being Alone is OK

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Today’s topic: what it means to actually be alone.

I wanted to come on here to put down my thoughts on this one. It is currently half ten on a Friday night, I have just had a bath, and a long think to myself.

It’s Friday night, can I just repeat that. I am at university and on a Friday night I am having a bath and locking my dorm room door and taking time to myself. I have been doing that a lot recently.

I’ve come to the realisation that I do not enjoy being around people all the time. It is draining to be social. I have said this in my recent post too. The truth is, I ‘d much rather be alone and work on myself. That’s what this post is all about: the importance of prioritising yourself over others.

In this day and age, it is easy to get carried away with trying to live up to others’ expectations, especially at the young, vulnerable and impressionable age my peers and I are currently at right now. We can get lost in the act of being social all the time and not taking time off to evaluate our true thoughts and feelings.

The fact is, this is a scary thing to do. It can be such a daunting thing, to sit yourself down and ask yourself “what is happening right now, how do I feel truly?”. It is an active process – in order to get in touch with ourselves and understand what is happening in the world around us, we have to take this terrifying step of entering our own minds and confronting how we really feel.

How can we give other people, our friends, family, advice and be there for them if we are not there for ourselves first and foremost. In reality, the only person who is with you throughout your entire life, right there beside you, is you. You are not going anywhere. And this is exactly why we must start to prioritise ourselves over the others around us.

As cliche as it sounds, that is what I have began to do this year in 2022. So much has happened over the last year or two and I haven’t had chance until now to really sit down and discover my raw emotions about what I have gone through and what I am currently dealing with. It has already been such an eye opening process. Scary, yes, because I have had to be completely frank with myself – and even now I can admit that I still have not been 100% honest. But it is a work in process, and a process which I look forward to working on every single day.

So, this is why I spend a lot of my time alone, in my own company. I have momentarily stopped the sports and hobbies I once enjoyed, to really strip myself down to my barest form and take a long hard look at myself and understand what is really going on. The thoughts are scary and sometimes overwhelmingly hard to deal with and come to terms with, but that’s what self-growth is all about.

Now that you have read this post, really just me blabbing on about how I like to be a loner, perhaps take the time to get in touch with yourself and start to take more time off for yourself.

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