The importance of digital detoxing

Nationally, the 5th September marks the day in the year where we step back and evaluate the relationship that we have with our digital devices.

Of course, it is not September, but that is a lame excuse. We don’t necessarily need a scheduled day when we have time away from screens and social media. Some days, you simply need it. Ever woken up and just feel stressed, anxious, nervous? These are the days you need a mental break for sure. There’s no better way to go about doing this by spending time in the real world and shutting off your mobile.

I understand how difficult (or even impossible) this can be if you work a job which is fully dependant on your presence online. If that’s the case, try and find time in a day, a couple of hours, especially before bed, when you can take the time for yourself.

Over the last few years, the presence and the importance of the digital world has grown considerably. The idea of putting down your phone, shutting down your laptop or other devices, may appear excruciatingly hard at first. Our whole lives are on these tiny metal bricks, and our entire lives are also controlled by them.

Think about it. The conversations we have day-to-day seem to relate to something we have seen online, on social media, or on the news we read on our phones and websites. As amazing this is, that the human race has advanced so much in just the last forty, thirty years (or even during this millennium), it has also come at a cost: our mental wellbeing.

Social media in particular has this draining effect and this is something I am sure we have all experienced. Despite all the positives of the growing social network, it has also made us doubt our own identities and how we feel and look as a person. We compare ourselves to others online, whether physically or materialistically, with the things they have and we don’t, the jobs they lead, the sucky 9-5 we have. It’s a vicious circle that we can’t seem to abolish. And it’s sad.

So, whatever time of the day, whatever day of the week it is, try and have a few moments now, as long as you can, away from your screens – as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog post (thank you for taking the time to do so), find some time. You will thank me later.

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