Why being social 24/7 isn’t worth it.

Every day we do not have to be social.

Every day we do not need to force ourselves to be social because it is tiring. Each day, with different people we put on different pretences, pretending to be someone different. And it’s draining.

We all do it and it’s normal — unfortunately it is a part of the human condition. We are never truly 100% ourselves with the people we spend time with, and we often turn into someone else depending on who we are with, as we feel as though we need to live up to their expectations.

As much as it is part of our human psyche to do this, sometimes we need to take a step back and simply exist in our own company and reconnect with ourselves. This sounds lonely, but it is worth it in order to check in with who we are be true to ourselves.

Of course getting the balance right between being alone being with people and going out very hard to do.

We all try to balance work and school with gym and lifestyle with self love and self-care. Sometimes obviously this is harder than others and some days we wake up and we don’t want to do any of these things we just simply want to lie in bed and mope around a bit and that’s OK.

Instead of beating ourselves up over saying no to an event or not going out with our friends or not doing that thing where you will meet new people, instead we should start looking at the bigger picture and asking ourselves why we didn’t go to the event. A lot of the time it is because we are so tired of being around people and a social battery simply runs out.

Recently I have found this balance between myself the gym and being social really really hard. I am trying to get back in touch with myself however this has jeopardised my social life and I have become aware that I don’t want to spend time with people anymore which is sad because I used to be a social butterfly but now I’d rather spend my evenings with my dinner watching Netflix with a drink by my side in my room but I’m okay with that too because at the moment that is what I need.

I think we should all do this some times and simply not force ourselves to be social so much of the time. Learn to be ok in your own company first.

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