Christmas 2021

How was your Christmas?

Is it just me or has the Christmas holidays been a little… underwhelming this year? I don’t know how to describe it, but this year it all just feels a little meh. Get me?

I’m writing this on Monday evening, the day after Boxing Day, watching movies as my mum and I have been doing all day. This week after Christmas and before New Year’s is always a weird one. We call it the ‘do nothing week’ as there’s nothing ever on the to-do list other than sit around and eat all the left over goodies and spend the Amazon vouchers we got gifted.

All in all though, my Christmas was good: time well spent with the family and a fun-filled day to say the least. However, I wish now to spend more time with me, as we move into the New Year. For now, that’s my New Year ‘resolution’ – but I don’t really believe in these. New Year’s resolutions are not fun in my opinion, as you feel so motivated to keep it up in the first few weeks, then you start to lose that motivation and then get upset that you haven’t stuck to your goals. Instead, maybe tell yourself “I will try and do this most of the time“, for example if that’s to start eating healthier (I don’t like the term ‘diet’) try to follow the 80-20 rule, or no rule at all. Don’t constrict yourself to really strict boundaries, as this is near impossible to stick to, and as I said just now, you may get into a slump when you don’t follow them. It’s all about moderation, whether that’s in terms of eating or in terms of balancing work and social life. Just do the best you can.

Sorry to end this post on a negative one but… to end the year I have COVID (I wish that was negative!) My family and I all tested throughout the week then on Christmas Eve as we were in London last weekend, and all those tests were negative. We tested yesterday on Boxing Day and the results came back positive! Even though I am annoyed and frustrated that I can’t leave the house for 7 days, this week is all about recovery and rest, so maybe it is a good thing. The tensions are already high in the house now that we are all stuck with each other for a while, so I am trying to keep out of the way! Oh well!

What are your goals for the New Year, and what did you get up to this Christmas?

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