Things to remember this Christmas ☃️🎁🎄

It’s Christmas Eve! Wow, this year has sped by. Finally it’s Christmas, and, as my family and I start to wind down, sitting around the fire opening our Christmas Eve boxes, I begin to think about some deeper thoughts around Christmas…

Here’s a few things to remember this Christmas for when times are getting a bit overwhelming:

-> Eat all of that chocolate and Christmas goodies!!

-> If you don’t exercise, it doesn’t matter! Christmas is a time to press the reset button and spend time to rest and recover with your family

-> Indulge in all the Christmas festivities, partying and drinks!! It’s the end of the year, and it’s fair to say that 2021 has been a year like no other…

-> Don’t feel guilty!! We all may gain weight, over eat and under exercise over the Christmas period – that’s part of it all! Enjoy the good food and the rest times because this is one of the only times a year we all can rest!


Why am I saying all this? Last year I recall working out on Christmas Day. This is something that I have regretted doing since the day, as Christmas is a time for family and one day is not going to damage your progress by any means. Skip the Christmas workout and spend the morning in your jammies. This year, in no way am I picking up those weights or stepping onto that treadmill. I’m spending the next few days on the sofa or at the dining table with my family and enjoying every second of it!!

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