If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

From a young age, we create habits. We do things that we like and are comfortable doing. We get used to this and find it hard to stretch out of our comfort zone. Before we know it, we’re stuck in the vicious circle of monotony, as we stick to what we know and nothing more.

I think what keeps us in this zone is our frame of mind. Humans tend to be quite close-minded people, unless we train ourselves otherwise. We surround ourselves with people who are familiar to us. It’s the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty, that we dislike so much that we force ourselves into this boring life and closed state of mind.

Life is so full of opportunities, so why shut out those possibilities by simply staying with what we are comfortable with?

I saw the quote in the title when I was in the gym. Sure, in the environment this quote is apt: you have got to push yourself that little bit further, run a few minutes longer, add more weights to the bar, in order to see eventual progress (in the grand scheme of things). But of course it goes deeper than that.

Mentally you have got to challenge yourself every day. Push yourself to go into crowds when you are trying to beat social anxiety, a little bit at a time. Change the way you think. It’s important in order to grow as a person to create new scenarios, go to new events, step out of that box, break the rules.

To learn new things we can’t read the same book over and over, so why life the same life every day?

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