University Post #4

It’s been a rather busy few weeks! University assignments due, holidaying in the Algarve, reading week back home, nights out, meeting up with friends, spending time in Bath with my sister… It’s crazy how much I manage to fit into such a short amount of time!

I am back at university now for the next 4 weeks before the Christmas break (who else is super excited to Christmas this year?!). Christmas will be so good: it will be the first year that all of us kids will come back home for the holidays as it’s the first year we have all moved out to uni. This will make it more magical for certain.

This next month is also going to be packed full of hockey matches, bar crawls, even initiations for societies (eek), and of course exams and assignments (can’t forget about them).

I have only been back for couple days and it already feels harder this time to readjust to uni-life. I don’t know if it’s due to hormones being all over the place, the dreary weather and the early sunset, or all of the above. As much as I hate to be a typical-Brit and moan about the weather and the clocks changing, it is true what they say: the weather does set the mood for the day.

How are you doing? Is the gloominess also affecting you, the cold nights and winter approaching?

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