University Blog: Post 2

The last few days have been intense to say the least. I haven’t even been at Uni for a week and I am already shattered. Have you just started Uni? How’s it going for you?

I moved in on Saturday and so far I have been out late every night (sleeping for no more than 4 hours if I’m lucky a night). It’s tiring and hard work but worth it for the memories and friends I am on the path to make.

Despite lectures not starting until next Monday, this week has been full on. I’ve been waking up at 8 am after big nights out to fit in my exercise, then from there I see what everybody else in my flat is doing and we go for a look around campus and see what’s on. We all hit a wall at 3pm – after a nap we’re good for dinner and then proceed to drink until god knows what time.

The nights out have been fun but quite tame, as Warwick Uni is a campus university, meaning transport is required to get into town and back, making nights out in Coventry or Leamington a little more tricky. I’ve been enjoying the time spent with my flat mates, however,– they’re so nice and welcoming. It’s very fortunate that we all get along well.

Learning starts on Monday, after a week of little sleep and banging heads from hangovers, using up all the Berrocca and flu tablets from the supermarket shelves. I am excited though nervous, as there is a lot to do and a lot to know already and we haven’t even begun our courses. It seems my timetable will be packed each day, but at least I won’t get bored!

Right now, everything is a little overwhelming but soon, when all the partying has reduced a little and studying and schedules start back up again, I will feel more at ease – hopefully!

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