Starting University: Post 1

Hi! As I am moving into the university of my dreams a week today, I thought it would be a good time to start documenting everything, from freshers week to the meals I make to the course itself. I want to keep you guys all up to date with everything I’m doing, with weekly blog posts, but also to keep a time capsule on here for myself to look back on in the future.

How do I feel about everything?

Emotions are extremely heightened right now. With my sister and me moving away at the same time, the house is a stress-box. I’m both overly excited yet sickly nervous. This whole thing has crept up so quickly beyond imaginable. One second I was opening the email on August 10th to confirm my university place at Warwick to read Modern Languages, the next I’m getting ready to pack!

How do I feel about living away from my sister?

This question has been circling my mind like a shark in the ocean for the last few months. We’ve never really been away from each other for so long, and we’ve done pretty much everything together since birth. It’s going to be a shock to the system, I guess that is all I can see until I experience it myself. We’ll still see each other; it’s not like we’re moving away forever. After all, Warwick and Bath isn’t that far – it’s not like I’m moving country! My sister was considering Edinburgh… that would’ve been hard, so I can do this distance just fine!

Overall thoughts

The excitement comes in waves, sometimes overshadowed by doubt and nerves. All in all, I cannot wait to start this next chapter in my life and make new friends and try different things. On Monday (tomorrow!) I leave for three days to go to the university preseason hockey training, where I’ll be staying with second and third years and attending their training sessions and socials. I pulled out of going momentarily, but when I found out who I was staying with and what the timetable for the week was like, I regretted it and decided to go for half the week instead, and get back to see Lani off as she moves into Bath at 12 o clock Thursday. I suppose it was the anxiety of the uncertainty that made me at first pull out. Then I have one day until I’m off on the Saturday, so I’ll be packing this weekend that’s for certain!

And you? Are you moving to university this week, or do you have any memories of when you did?

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