Why do we waste time thinking about our dreams?☁️🌟

So many of us get stuck in this stage of planning and thinking about our dreams rather than getting out there and smashing them. Why do we, humankind, come up with endless excuses for not following our dreams and simply thinking and not doing?

One of the main reasons: we are afraid of change. Change is a scary thing, because it has the power of ruining everything we have known our whole lives. One change, one false move, and everything could fall down the drain and lead us down the wrong road. But every road eventually leads to that one goal, that dream, so why are we so scared of the longer, bumpier road if they all lead to the same destination?

Human kind love living a simple life, with no change. Think about it, so many people live the same repetitive life for years and years. Personally, that’s boring. Life it up and strive for your goals! Surely sitting around and thinking about living this extraordinary life you’ve always dreamt about isn’t actually your one big goal in life?

We want control. We waste time thinking about these hopes and dreams in attempt at stalling the inevitable change that will happen sooner or later. Let’s stop wasting time by thinking and actually start finding ways to make the wishes come true.

You and only you is the thing stopping you from achieving your goals. Period.

I’m not sitting here telling you “make your dreams your reality” “wake up and start today” and all of that hypocritical nonsense. It is simply not that easy. No one can live a perfect life like that – there are always challenges along the way. But tomorrow isn’t promised, that’s what we must always keep in mind. Perhaps those three words “tomorrow isn’t promised” may be the mantra we all need to keep pushing towards our goals and accepting change – whether that’s a simple change in our daily routine or a change so big like moving countries – to allow our dreams to come true, however big or small.

While you let all that heavy stuff sink in, here are 5 quotes to keep you going when you feel like that goal isn’t worth it anymore: Remember stop thinking and start doing.

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