Autumn has arrived🍂🍁

It’s the first of September, the first of the “-ber months” or “brr months” as my mum likes to say. Officially, Autumn begins 21st September, but to me September means Autumn.

September is the epitome of new beginnings and fresh starts. Back to school, end of summer. It’s all endings and beginnings for this month. Do you think of that as a positive or a negative? Personally I love it. September gives us a chance to take a step back and start again, become someone new and different. It’s so exciting.

What’s your favourite aspect of Autumn and September? Is it the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon? The leaves falling from the trees in a flurry of golds, reds and oranges? The new-season clothes and warm coats? Coffees, hot chocolates and Baileys? All of the above ticks the box for me.

What’s the first thing in your list for this month? Mine is to finish packing for university. A whole mix of emotions is floating around the subject of university. The last couple years have been so monotonous, especially during endless lockdowns and the pandemic and thus I am looking forward to creating a new morning routine and meeting new friends, to change my life for the better. Everything has become all too boring at the moment, too much the same.

What are your thoughts towards this transition into the new season? Look forward to more blog posts centred around this change into Autumn and pumpkin spice lattes and all things cosy and warm, from seasonal bucket lists to what to wear this season!

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