No more lockdown (hopefully)!

What are your plans for the next few months?

As we move out of lockdown (how many times have I said this on my blog over the last two years??) and as everything starts to open up again (and hopefully for good), what do you plan to do? Are you returning full-time to work, study? Are you moving away, having a gap year? Or simply taking it slow and taking each day as it comes? The answer will be different for everybody.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for the next couple months is that each person will have different feelings towards the total release of lockdown because we all move at different paces. Some people are 100% ready to live life again and return to ‘normal’ whilst others are still hesitant of going out. I am sure most want life to go back to ‘normal’ as best as it can, but I know of some people who have thrived during lockdown and have somewhat enjoyed the time on their own.

However, some time or later the restrictions will be lifted. Clubs and bars are now open in England with no curfew and face masks are now classed as a ‘choice’. I still wear mine when I am shopping and in busy public areas, just to be cautious. Everybody chooses differently though, and that’s OK. Since 19th July, I’ve been out partying – I turned 18 only a week before – and it has been incredible to see people out again, though it did feel rather surreal and I had a moment where I looked around the club, filled to the brim with sweaty, drunk young adults and thought ‘if I were to catch COVID, I would definitely get it here tonight.’ Thankfully, I didn’t contract the virus.

A year and a half living with COVID-19 and I still haven’t had the virus – a blessing. In fact, no one in my family has and only a small handful of my friends has had it. I have had my first dose of the Moderna vaccine and my second one is booked for early September. With lots of countries still on the amber/red list and most green countries requiring the double-jab to enter without quarantining, travel will have to wait. Of course it’s sad that I can’t go to Portugal or go visit my friends abroad, it just means that the time when I can go will be even more special.

I plan to go somewhere after my second dose, before university – but I am now uncertain of attending university this year due to personal issues. This is a really big and difficult decision for me as I am so excited to life at university (so much so that I can romanticising the uni life and watching vlogs from my favourite YouTubers…) but it has to be the right decision. In my head, I have a small list of what I would like to do in that deferred year instead: complete a TEFL course; do Psychology A-Level (as I am considering switching my language course at Warwick to Psychology and languages or social sciences); get smaller part time jobs at cafes/pubs; go travel; or gain work experience. There’s lots of options so I shouldn’t worry about not knowing what to do with the gap year. It simply has to be the right decision for me whether I go on to Uni or not. It’s all up in the air at the moment.

What are your thoughts about leaving lockdown (for the last time I hope)? Are you reluctant to join social life again, or are you diving headfirst into the depths?

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