The Next Steps

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last year applying for University. And so, what is my plan and what am I most scared about and most looking forward to?

Let’s start at the beginning: I applied to Oxford last October but was unfortunately rejected. Despite this, I learnt so much through the application process and thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way. I suppose the biggest thing it taught me is that it doesn’t really matter how much tears and toil you put into something like Oxbridge, because at the end of the day you may not get accepted, like me, and it doesn’t matter! There’s other universities and places out there that are just as good, just without the provision of the ‘Oxbridge ego boost’ as I like to call it. To be honest, looking back on it now, I’m glad I didn’t get in to a place like that — I’m not a book worm or 100000% dedicated to academics and academics only. I like to party and socialise and to play sport, and I think Oxford would have made me sacrifice all those things purely to get the same degree I can get at any other university.

Where am I going? I am happy to say that from September 2021, I’ll be attending Warwick University to study Modern Languages with Linguistics (with AAB entry grades). It’s a 4 year course with 3rd year placement and I’m hoping to be able to continue with German and Spanish along with picking up a beginners level language, hopefully Russian. Warwick is in the top 10 Universities in the UK for languages (according to The Guardian) and number 11 in the ‘Top UK University League Table’ in general.

What am I looking forward to? The main thing that I am most excited for is to meet new people and start a fresh life. We’ve all experienced multiple lockdowns over the last two years, living the same life under the same roof on repeat, and so it’ll be a breath of fresh air indeed to move away and start again. I can’t wait to start the gym, join the societies and most of all get to know the people on my course and in my flat.

What made me choose Warwick? Out of all of the universities I applied to, Warwick was the one I really wanted to go to from the very beginning (since I started looking at the options over two years ago now). I even preferred it over Oxford. It is the only university out of the five I applied to that actually offers my dream course (the possibility of studying multiple languages alongside linguistics), whereas the others only offered a pure language degree, other than Oxford. Therefore, from the start, I was more inclined to choose Warwick.

I didn’t choose Warwick for the fact that it is only 45 miles from home – in fact, that was on the cons list. Thinking about it now, it is a benefit being close to home, as I can still see my family and friends and if I ever need my parents to come and get me quickly, it’s not really an issue. When I first starting looking at universities, I was leaning more towards the ones up in Scotland, or even abroad in Amsterdam or Berlin, so it is definitely a big change from my original plans!

Are any of my friends going too? None of the others in my friendship group at school are going to Warwick, though a couple applied. However, a close friend of mine (a year older) is currently at Warwick University, so that will offer some reassurance when I’m there. Two or three in my year have also firmed Warwick, though I am not close to them, other than one other girl who is studying French and Politics, so I will probably end up seeing her and crossing paths in the Languages block. One of my friends has a placement job near Warwick so I may also see her every now and again out in the town. My sister was going to go too, but has ended up putting Warwick as her insurance choice (we really wanted to go together originally, but for the best we have chosen to attend different universities). I think it’ll be good that no one I’m super close to is going, because I can start my life completely fresh, though I have someone there in the year above who I can go to! A break from my twin sister too, who I’ve spent my whole life with!

What am I most nervous about? Everyone is nervous when it comes to moving out and starting a completely new life, having to fend for yourself. However, I am so excited to get out of this repetitive life that the cons of starting University seem out of view. That’s a good thing! The hardest part will be living away from my sister, as we have been inseparable for our whole lives. Though, we will be seeing each other as much as we can (and I can get an incredible city break in Bath with her when I go and visit her!). It’ll be hard to not see my friends as often too, but since Warwick is less than an hour from my hometown so it shouldn’t be hard to meet up with them.

Now that my A Levels have 100% finished, I can start to prep and plan for University in September. The summer ahead is filled with excitement and chaos which I am currently sitting right on the edge of my seat for!

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