What is the one word that motivates you in life?

As we start to move out of lockdown, I’ve been wanting to write a more positive blog post. So, this post is centred around one thing: what is the one word that drives you forward in life? Which word, if there is one that exists, pushes you and motivates you to the absolute extreme? Is there just one word?

It would be easier to ask you simply “what motivates you?” , and you coming up with lists of people and quotes that drive you. However, I am making it harder by making you come up with just one individual word, which holds so much meaning and life for you. Does one come to mind now?

Which word keeps you going, repeating it in your head like a mantra, when you are broken down and on you knees, ready to give up?

For some inspiration as you try and find your one word, here’s mine: tenacity. Since learning the meaning of this word when I was 12 years old, this word has been the one to propel me forward when I feel like giving up. Whether that’s physically on a hockey pitch — where this word was first used in a captain’s talk prematch — or if it’s mentally when I’ve been so lost in the past. This word — tenacity — has helped me through so much over the last six years.

What’s your word?

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