20 Things to do this lockdown

In England, the announcement was made on 22nd February that there is an end to this Corona-Virus lockdown 3.0. After almost a year now living with the pandemic, Boris Johnson and his team have finally – yes, finally – outlined a plan of when we can get out and see each other again. I don’t know about you, but I am rather excited.

Therefore, as we can now see the end of this horribly long tunnel that has had many bends and shifts in direction, with 111 days until (hopefully) freedom, I thought I’d lay out some things you can do to pass the time as we wait and wait and wait.

  1. Read a book
  2. Focus on school work
  3. Get summer-body-ready!
  4. Start a new Netflix show (or two)
  5. Discover some new recipes
  6. FaceTime or Zoom call your friends and family
  7. Host a Zoom quiz night
  8. Buy a new outfit for the clubs opening on June 21st
  9. Find your new favourite cocktail
  10. Complete an online course (FutureLearn or Coursera)
  11. Learn a language (Babbel or Duolingo)
  12. Start a YouTube channel (or blog!)
  13. Pick up a musical instrument
  14. Start journaling
  15. Write a story
  16. Dye your hair (safely)
  17. Have a family night
  18. Give yourself a pamper session
  19. Go for a long walk/run
  20. Start a new hobby: video gaming, knitting, converting old clothes, anything!

There is not long left now until we can breathe again and start to return to normal, whatever that is. Try to keep your head up high and remember that we are all in this together – we have done one year now, what’s another few months?

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