Looking back on 2020❤️

This year has been so different for us all, and we have all found ways of coping with the new adaptations we’ve had to make to our lives and lifestyles. Some of us have struggled more than others, but to some degree we have all found it hard.

However, I want to take a moment to look back at all the positives that have occurred over these strange yet wonderful times.

First of all, spending time with family – of course – has meant that I’ve learnt the new meaning of the word ‘family’ and how it feels not being able to see other family members such as grandparents. The latter has truly sucked! It’s been hard not seeing them but that has made me realise the importance of family and the time we spend together is vital – which is way I’m so excited for Christmas this year, as we will all be getting together for a final send off of 2020. I’ve developed even closer bonds with my family at home and learnt that it’s also ok to have time away from them in your bedroom for a day or two — because being with them 24/7 can also be overwhelming!

Next I want to comment on my person growth. As everyone else (or most people), my mental health has suffered over lockdown especially, but now that the year is coming to an end, I can look back and discover truly how well I’ve dealt with all the hiccups this year has given me and my family. I’ve developed an even stronger tenacious mindset and learnt that I’m ok on my own and don’t need to be constantly around friends to feel happy — I can be happy by myself and that’s the main thing in life, I guess. Of course, I have also been working hard on my fitness and body and can now say that I’m getting there! My dream body is in reach and that is so exciting!

In terms of body and body image, and I’ve commented on this a lot in my other posts, I’ve also learnt a lot about learning to love yourself and your body. Having been body shamed and having others comment about my body online over lockdown has taught me the importance to give your body fuel and to not live up to the expectations of the world and social media. Just be yourself!

I’ve applied to universities, and gotten offers from most of them now, even with interviews at Oxford University last week. This was so surreal for me as I’ve dreamt of going to uni for years now and cannot believe that this time next year I will have completed my first semester there. I’m so excited for the year to come!

On top of that, I have been made hockey captain and school monitor and have been predicted phenomenal A Level grades. Newspapers have interviewed me about the current conditions about education during COVID. All of this has been so cool to be able to achieve during this period of uncertainty.

Even though a lot of things I had planned this year were cancelled, I’ve still made many memories and I’ve been lucky to have gone on holiday over the summer with my family and have my friends over on my birthday during July. I was meant to go to concerts and do work experience in Austria and Madrid — obviously those were cancelled. However, I got to host my Austrian exchange partner just one week before the world lockdown back in March and have made a friend for life. With her, we also went to the last concert of 2020, Jax Iones, again, only a week before lockdown. These memories will stay with me for my whole life as they teach me that even though this year has been shite for a lot of us, there is still always positives in every negative — a motto we all must live by as we move into even more unprecedented times in 2021; not knowing if the vaccines will work and when life can return to ‘normal’ again.

What have you been able to accomplish this year?

Remember: always keep your head up and find that positivity in every situation. No matter how hard times get, hold your head up high and remind yourself of how much you deserve this.

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