Christmas in Lockdown

Date: 16/12/2020

Christmas is all about spreading love and cheer ❤


As we are all well aware, this year Christmas is going to be very different. For those who also live in the UK, we have the privilege of being able to have Christmas with two other bubbles, meaning that Christmas can in fact go ahead, only to a certain extent though. So, what are your plans for Christmas 2020?

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few days and weeks about what Christmas will actually feel like, now that the schools are breaking up for the holidays and everything is feeling, well, a lot more “Christmassy”. My family and I are staying at home this Christmas with our grandparents, spending a lot of valuable time together as one big family, as the importance and worth of family has definitely been a prominent theme over 2020.

And so I have decided to give you some simple ideas below of what you could do over the next few days in the run up to Christmas and over Christmas itself:

  1. Decorate the tree if you haven’t already, duh!
  2. Bake some Christmas cookies for your family and friends – these make brilliant little gifts
  3. Make a gingerbread house – you can buy these kits anywhere (the easiest would be, and they are great activities for the whole family (and delicious!)
  4. Board game night – Cluedo, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit… the list is endless
  5. Have a Christmas movie night
  6. Find your new favourite cocktail – over Christmas is the perfect time to test and trial new ideas (favourites being Long Island Iced Tea, Tequila Sunrise, Woo-Woo, Mojito… it keeps on coming!)
  7. Host a Zoom meeting with your family or friends or work colleagues
  8. Santa Sack – on Christmas day, since I was little my family has done this activity around the table between Christmas Dinner and pudding: it’s a gigantic sack filled with little, stupid presents for each other to keep the Christmas cheer going
  9. Charades – design your own; for example, “name that country/city”
  10. Fancy dress night – dress up as your favourite singers, actors or even fictional characters
  11. Christmas Bingo for kids
  12. For those that live in snowier countries – build a snowman or have a snowman competition!
  13. Roast marshmallows with hot chocolate over a fire (or on the stove/hob)
  14. Have a Christmas dance party – sounds cringe but it’s fun!

This Christmas please take a break. Whether that’s from studying, work or life in general. Take this time to enjoy spending time with your family and have a rest from the busy world of work. Savour every little moment and enjoy yourself.

Stay safe ❤ Love, Ellie Overfield, Pepetoe.

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