I’ve been super busy lately which unfortunately meant that my blog has been neglected! I’m back now and will be posting more content over the next couple of weeks. Recently, times have been stressful, with the rush of University applications and endless exams in school as well as the added stress of the question ‘will our A Levels go ahead this year?’ constantly racing around in my mind – it’s been a hard couple of months, needless to say!

I’ll start with saying that I’ve sent in my UCAS application to read Modern Languages (with Linguistics for some choices), and I’ve even started to get offers back, including Exeter and Durham. My impatience is growing as I wait to hear from Oxford (Exeter College) over the next couple of weeks. As I’m sure a lot of people are aware, most courses at Oxford and Cambridge require you to take an aptitude test, which were done two weeks ago. The German one which I took was hard, although I do feel pretty confident about it; after all, they are designed to be testing and challenging and examine how well you can do under those circumstances and timed conditions… though my paper was only a double sided A4 sheet in 30 minutes, compared to the Maths Aptitude Test of 2.5 hours!

I’m sure you agree with me on this: I am utterly bored and fed up of hearing the words ‘COVID’ or ‘Corona Virus’ or ‘social distancing’. These words have been with us for the majority of this year. Remember that the first case in China was November 17th 2019 in the Hubei province. That is OVER a year ago. Despite the fact that we have all struggled in one way and (hopefully) thrived in another way or so during these times, for example I know a lot of us at school have flourished with online-schooling but fought with plummeting mental health issues and self-confidence. This is totally normal.

‘Normal’. That word is strange to us now. What is normal? I am a firm believer that social distancing measures and the obligation of wearing masks in public will and should stay around for a long time. This is sad but also in a way shows the development of the country as we can learn to adapt and mitigate to problems such as the outbreak of COVID-19.

With the hope of a vaccine on its way and the joyful news of being able to see our families this Christmas in the UK (up to 3 households can get together 23rd-28th December) has lifted our spirits as we head into Christmas time, and so it is all the more important that we keep our heads up and retain the Christmas spirit with a positive and forward-thinking mindset. We are all bored of this year and we keep wishing it to be over as soon as possible, but every time you say those words, just think at how much closer these times have brought you to your family members and how you treasure your time with your loved ones and appreciate each day as it comes.

So, let’s not wish away any more days and instead look at each day with a positive outlook and find the good in everyday. Look out for your friends, family, and even give a small smile to strangers as you pass by. We are all in the same if not similar positions right now, so remember to keep your heads up high and keep on smiling.

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