8 top tips to reduce bloating

As girls, we can all agree that one of the most annoying things in the world is bloating, but there are things we can do to reduce it. Nevertheless, we can’t ever get rid of it entirely, especially if you are anything like me and bloat a lot! So, here are a few tips that I have learnt after the last year that do help. (I’m not saying these help with all body types, but they helped me.)

  1. Erradicate any food that may cause your bloating. I learnt that for me, this is bananas. As much as I love bananas (last summer I went through a phase of eating at least two everyday!), I had to cut down on them, and now I maybe only have one a week. Find what causes you to bloat the most: beans and fizzy drinks are big culprits.
  2. Drink a lot of water, but not too much. I made a really good investment in one of those 2.6L jug water bottles (for the gym initially), which forced me to drink more water in a day, as I made sure to have it with me at all times. However, I ended up drinking two lots of those water bottles each day, which is way too much, and found that I was very bloated all the time. Make sure to be drinking enough water (water with lemon or cucumber is really good for anti-bloating too) as it flushes your body of toxins, but also make sure you’re not drinking too much.
  3. Coffee! Stop drinking so much of it! It’s very hard, especially during quarantine when, even though we aren’t tired as much, it’s easy to keep reaching for the cafetière or kettle. Coffee causes so much bloating, as well as having several cuppas a day.
  4. Opt for green teas. Each night, I have a peppermint or green tea and that has helped reduce my bloating SO MUCH! Green tea also helps with fat burn and quickening the metabolism, whilst also flushing out toxins.
  5. Eat at regular intervals; don’t eat late at night; and eat smaller meals.
  6. Long walks and exercise. As well as improving mental health, long walks in particular help to reduce bloating as it is low impact, continuous exercise. Any exercise will help in a way, but walks are the most effective – be sure to do a 30 minute walk each day in order to get quick and effective results!
  7. Don’t drink alcohol! Being girls, we all know the consequences of drinking. We eat little all day in the run up to a party or girls night out in order to reduce being bloated, and then as soon as we touch that first shot or the ‘pre-s’, the bloating comes back. It’s very annoying. Resist that drink for week or two to see good results.
  8. Take time to eat. As well as cutting down on portion size, take time to chew and digest your food. It allows time for your digestive system to break down the foods.

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