10 top tips for a perfect detox week

  1. No social media

We can all agree that we spend too much time online. In order to have a detoxifying, self-reconnecting week, the ‘toxicity’ of the media and social media in particular must go. It’s hard to log out of SnapChat for a week (I know), but maybe log out of 1 or 2 social media accounts, start small, or only be reachable by WhatsApp for a week, for example. You don’t need to know what your friends and followers are doing 24/7; and they don’t need to know about your life either! Also, try and limit your screen time in general on any devices like TV and laptop. Since turning on ‘Screen Time’ on my iPhone, I have seen a big improvement – also, you can set time restrictions for when you have to put your phone down for bed, or when you have spent over a certain set time on a certain app, for instance. Instead, pick up a book or go outside.

2. A lot of water

Water is the best thing for you! At least drink 2.4 litre a day. Add in lemon and cucumber. Make it interesting. Drink a glass/pint as soon as you wake up to start your day off right! A really great investment is to buy one of those big jug-gym water bottles. You can find them on eBay/Amazon for under £8! When you want a drink, try not to reach for the juice or coffee, but instead a glass of water. I can’t remember that last time I drank fizzy drinks to be honest, I only drink water these days.

3. Eat healthy

Try and eat only non-processed foods as well as eradicate alcohol from your diet. Eat organic foods and a lot of smoothies and fruit. Eating healthily is often a lot easier than you think as most healthy food is very tasty! It’s not just about eating salads, but also avoiding snacking, especially after dinner. Meal prep or set yourself a calorie limit each day. One of my favourite healthy breakfasts/lunches is scrambled egg and tomato – so easy but so yummy! If you want to eat something a little more substantial, add a piece of toast to it – that’s not bad for you! Remember, everything in moderation.

4. Get outside!

Simply sit outside for half an hour a day, to start your day. Do some reading or your emails outside with a nice refreshing glass of lemon water, or a green tea. Do your normal morning routine outside (if you can), rather than lying in your bed all morning. Spend as much time outside as possible – it’s so good for you!

5. Take time to reflect

Spend time to reflect on yourself and mental health. Use mindfulness exercises and write in a journal. Get back in touch with yourself. Usually, if you are looking for tips on a detox-week, your mental health may have slipped (especially in the corona-virus world today). Take time to get to know yourself again and recover. Try and spend an hour a day, just you, by yourself, reflecting on your mental health – and spending time outside!

6. Exercise

This is the top tip. The holy grail! Exercise, exercise, exercise. Not only will it (obviously) improve your physical wellness, but the endorphins released from exercise are so good and make you feel amazing! I’m not saying to do over an hour a day of pure cardio, but simply go for a small walk around your neighbourhood, or scroll through Pinterest’s workouts, or any YouTube video. (I’d HIGHLY recommend subscribing to Lilly Sabri on YouTube – I have been doing her workouts all quarantine and it has changed my body massively! She releases free weekly programmes on her website each week, which include up to 4 live videos which are ace for cardio/full body! Also, she posts AT LEAST one free video on YouTube a day – all her workouts are on there; there are so many to choose from! More brilliant fitness Youtubers are of course Chloe Ting and Pamela Reif.)

7. Long walks!

If you are not one to do workouts, try going for a 30 minute – 1 hour walk every day all week. I really like to do this as soon as I get up, listening to some good music, or just enjoying the nature around me, but also doing this in the evening as the sun sets is so relaxing. Walks are underrated for keeping fit physically and mentally!

8. Drink a lot of different teas

I love all herbal/fruit teas. Every night before bed, as I’m watching Netflix or reading, I have either a peppermint or green tea by the side of me. If I have one in the morning, I usually add honey – this is such a good combination. Camomile and also ginger teas are really good for the immune system, whilst any mint teas are brilliant for quickening up the metabolism. A box of tea bags is really cheap so try many of them during your detox week!

9. Stay off the coffee

If you are anything like me, you may find this one very hard. We all love coffee, it is so versatile and tastes so yummy in whatever form! However, it can become a liability sometimes and something we rely on, especially during school time/ work. The days when I don’t drink coffee (purposefully, in order to avoid bloating), I feel so lethargic and drained. When I do a few days without, I then feel a lot better, but the first day is always the hardest! As I said, it is also great for bloating problems to stay off the coffee for a few days at a time.

10. And of course,… get enough sleep!

It depends on who you are but on average, a person needs 8 hours of sleep each night. Personally, whenever I have more than 8 hours, I am more tired than if I had 2, and if I have less sleep from time to time, I actually function a lot better, believe it or not. However, during this detox week (and in general), have a sleep schedule – wake up and go to sleep at roughly the same time each day, because it helps with weight loss, your immune system and just mentality, and a lot more. Get at least 6 hours (again, it depends on your routine and what you do in a day), and stay off your phone prior to sleep!

All of these things can be done anyway, in order to improve your mental wellbeing, not just for a week, but a week is a good start, especially if you are just feeling rubbish and need a little change in your ways. At the moment, whilst we are all still in some sort of lockdown, as we are approaching the end of lockdown as well, now may be a good start to have that detox week, before your mind becomes overloaded with the stress of normality again.

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