is it ever ok to give up?

In the world today, specifically in the school environment, the words ‘oh I give up’ are used very frequently. Why are we always so quick to give up and throw the towel in?

We set goals that most of the time are pretty unachievable, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to strive far in life. Actually, it’s good that we want to reach good things. However, I think that a lot of the time we want to achieve a goal or do something in order to please others and get the respect off others – that is not ok, though that’s the way the world works. Also, we are quick to set goals for ourselves, before evaluating how much time and skill it will take to fulfil, therefore we are constantly diving straight into the deep end before learning to swim, or, to use another analogy, learning to walk before we crawl.

When is the right time to give up? In order to avoid giving up in the first place, I think that we must set goals that will benefit ourselves for only ourselves and, I know it’s hard, don’t worry about what others think about you/your goal. Also, we must believe in ourselves enough and literally picture what life would be like at the other end, when we have accomplished our goal(s) and how amazing that would look.

In my experience, I will say that sometimes it seems that giving up is the easy way out – and it often is. We are often faced with the decision to give in or continue to build ourselves up by doing the hard work that may feel like it’s not worth it. ‘You’ll never know unless you try’: this quote should be written all over your house in order for you to start to strive for better things in life! Giving up is the easy way out, no matter what the situation is, trust me. However, sometimes it is ok to give up, because then we can learn our limits and understand when we have set goals that are unlikely or impossibly ever reached.

Trust the timing in life when challenges come your way. Trust yourself in knowing when you have had enough. When times are hard, giving up may seem easy, but keep pushing, you’ll get there eventually! I know it’s hard, but you will achieve and succeed. You just have to keep believing that and do your best to not throw in the towel – be kind to yourself and set reachable, smaller and doable goals, because then if you complete several smaller goals, you will feel better about yourself rather than struggling to achieve one mountainous one. Conquer hills before mountains.

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