My thoughts on ‘Corona’.

I think that it’s fair to say that we are currently living unprecedented times; scary times. With the looming threat of the coronavirus, it’s hard to judge what will happen in the coming months. Will schools reopen in 12 weeks like the rumours say, and when will restaurants, bars and cafés open again? When will the toilet roll be restocked? Life is so weird to us all right now, as we are having to learn to adapt to the situation: social distancing, cancelling plans, no gyms, no restaurants, limited food. GCSEs and A Levels cancelled. Schools closing, meaning that Years 11 and 13 have had an abrupt end to their school lives. It is a strange time for us all, so what can we do?

Right now, a lot of people are self-isolating – rightfully – in order to prevent the spread of the disease. I’ve had the week off school (therefore missing my last week of Year 12) due to having tonsillitis and my parents not wanting me to risk going out with a weaker immune system/giving people my germs on top of the threat of corona. If you feel ill, stay home for 7 days, that’s the advice, so I did. That meant missing the last week of seeing my school friends for a long time, as it’d be kind of stupid to start meeting up over this period of time, when we are told to practise social distancing and not having parties and gatherings. Thank God for FaceTime and social media!

Personally, I think that everybody should be in ‘self-isolation’, if that’s how we are going to call it. Limit who you meet with and avoid spending time with older relatives. Avoid public places as much as you can (this’ll be easier now that pretty much everything is closed) and wash your hands every time you go out of the house and return… just wash them often!

This is scary, I know, but the global community is learning from this outbreak. We are all coming together to help and look out for each other (apart from those selfish people who take all the meat, pasta and loo roll from the shops!). It’s unprecedented times, yes, but there are positives from this too; maybe the year 2020 in history books will be about how the whole world came together to battle this outbreak (even if we can’t actually physically ‘come together’). Hopefully, anyways.

This is the perfect time to spend more time with your family, for example with your siblings who have returned from university or parents who have returned from overseas work. Play some board games with them, create TikToks, just enjoy your time with them – because, trust me, it’s going to be a long time all living under the same roof and until everything is ‘normal’ again. (But, perhaps this self-isolation is the new ‘normal’ and this is how we will have to live from now on? That’s a thought for another time).

Everybody stay safe, spend time with your family and look out for each other!

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