My Role Model

I was trying to think about what to write about today but then this idea came to mind. So many people ask me who do I look up to, who is my inspiration. Well, this person is my main one.

Taylor Swift. $360 million net worth. Seven albums. 150 songs. Incredible talent. Amazing person.

I first started listening to her back in 2016, before Reputation was released. I was completely shocked back then at how relatable all of her songs were. All of them! First, was ‘Enchanted’ from the Speak Now, then came ‘Red’ and ‘All Too Well’; for months I would fall asleep to listening to the latter on repeat. It is still my most played song on Apple Music/ Spotify, 4 years later!

When I started getting into her music, she released Reputation the following year in 2017, and that’s when I think I fell in love with how relatable her music is. I don’t know, I guess it’s that every song is about a stage in a teen girl’s life (in my opinion) so we can all relate to the lyrics and write certain ones in our diaries etc. For a period I captioned my instagram photos with her lyrics!

Now, she is my favourite artist and I admire her tenacity and resilience through the media. Recently I watched her documentary ‘Miss Americana’ on Netflix which was absolutely amazing! It gave me an insight into her world and how she had survived living amongst the media and press. For example, the pressure she got when she was 19, winning the MTV award for the You Belong With Me music video and Kanye West called her out on stage in the middle of her acceptance speech. That was when she first realised how hard it was in the ‘fake world of the media’, or so I think anyway. Then followed the drama with Kim and Katy Perry and so on until eventually Taylor broke down and just went off social media for a year (no one physically saw her for months), as quoted in her song Call It What You Want ‘nobody’s seen me in months, I’m doing better than I ever was’. That was a very literal lyric. That turned into her reputation phase, when the media hated her and she got so much hate.

I think that’s why she is my role model, because she has gone through so much shit from American news and other press companies etc. For a while everyone loved the country-girl who was still a teenager, but then when she began to change her genre, the world turned against her. In my opinion, the drama with the Kardashians and the torture from the media has made her into who she is today: someone who doesn’t care what others think of her, and who is more successful than ever and feels like herself again.

Her songs are so relatable and I can really connect with them. There are probably many other artists out there whose songs I could relate too just as well, but Taylor Swift has always been that person whose music I always go back to because you could say that I’m a loyal fan, if you like. Taylor Swift is such an inspiration and for those who don’t think so, watch her documentary or listen to some of her songs and you will understand how much of a brilliant song writer she is!

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