Feb 28th 2020

Recently I’ve realised that I have been taking advantage of everything in life, especially all the little things.

My school is in the city centre, located next to the cathedral and so we have to go to the cathedral twice a week for services. On Wednesday I was sitting in one of the pews, mesmerised by the sight of it. It was weird. I’ve been going to these services since I was 8, and each time I moaned and complained whenever my tutor would say “cathedral service today!” because I’m not religious and so the services are boring for me. But the last one I went to on Wednesday completely changed my mind.

I was sitting there, with the organ playing and friends chatting around me, in absolute awe of this sight of the building and the fact that it was built in the 14th century (maybe before?). It’s crazy!

This made me realise how ungrateful I have been all my life. Anyone else who would walk into the cathedral would shout out me for ever complaining about spending time in there.

I then began to think about other things, such as nature. I take for granted the sunrise and sunset everyday, the outside world, the birds singing – all of that. Today I walked along my lane (to the pub) and didn’t realise what a privilege it is to live here in the countryside, in the fresh air, it’s crazy.

Also, I never really think about how privileged it is that I go to a private school and live with a completely “normal” family with no problems, and I have friends, I go out, get my homework done. I’m lucky to have a wide range of opportunities at my school like sport, arts, academics; all the trips and tours arranged for us and just the chance to shine really. I’m so lucky to go to a school like mine and I don’t appreciate that enough.

The morale of this realisation is that I’m going to start appreciating every moment of every day; wake up lucky to be here in this world, actually enjoy learning and being able to go to school, instead of moaning about going to a cathedral service for example. Just start to appreciate all the little things like fresh air in the spring and sunsets in the summer.

At this age, sometimes it’s hard to stay happy all the time, but I believe I have reached a stage now where I have reached happiness and I am able of looking at life from a step back and appreciating it and be grateful for life. With whatever life throws at me, I will be grateful and find a positive in it. And so, I hope you will too!

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