What exercise means to me.

Most of the time my friends mock me for the amount of sport and workouts I do, when really, instead of making fun of me, they should be doing exercise too! (You know who you are!!!) No matter what, I make sure I do at least one workout or hockey session a day. It’s just who I am. Exercise to me is my way of self-care, if you like. Every day after school I do my 30 minutes workout, sometimes even up to an hour and a half at the gym. It’s how a destress and relax, believe it or not. In comparison, most of my friends think the opposite, which is fine also. In my opinion, exercise – especially running – is like Marmite. You either hate it or love it. It just so happens that I love Marmite too…

The last day I went without doing at least a simple 10-minute ab workout, I remember almost going crazy! My body is trained to do exercise daily so when I don’t, I feel more lethargic and I’m grumpier, as though I need more sleep or coffee. That probably isn’t the best way to explain it, to be honest. It’s just that when I am working out, I get a sense of relief and for that amount of time, whether that’s 10 minutes or over an hour, I think about nothing; my mind is completely clear, other than the voice that’s telling me to keep going. And I think that’s why I love exercise so much, because it’s one of the only times I can fully relax and let my mind settle from a long day’s working and stressing.

I like to motivate others with my passion for staying fit. Let me just get that clear – I don’t do all of this exercise to look good (because my diet isn’t 100% amazing and I eat a lot), I do it to keep my mind sane and to keep physically fit, not for my appearance. So with my love for workouts, I try my best to influence my friends and anyone to do the same. Every minute of exercise, in my opinion, helps your mental state as well as, obviously, your physical fitness. I don’t want to be one of those people who always say ‘do 30 minutes a day of exercise – you have to!’ because that’s annoying. Instead, I like to be that annoying, nagging voice in the background, telling you to get up and take even just 15 minutes out of your day.

This leads me onto the app that I love and use most days. It is called 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App (by ‘Daily workouts for weight loss’) on the App Store. I have been using this since the start of 2020 and it has really helped me to keep fit, because I tend to get bored of doing the same routine every day. The app offers you a selection of 12 7M workouts, each focussing on different areas, eg, arms, abs, core or a ‘tabata’ workout or a 26 minute full body workout. Typically I do 3-4 of these a night, but if you do 1 a night, it’ll help. There is also a ‘custom’ mode where you can make an unlimited number of workouts using the exercises used on the app. My favourite aspect of it is that it keeps your progress of the total number of workouts you do, your streak, the total minutes and calories too. Seeing my ‘streak’ each time I go onto the app motivates me to do today’s workout, as I don’t want to break that streak. However, sometimes I do other forms of exercise, eg a run, the gym or hockey, and so occasionally I break my streak and have to start again, which is very annoying! Right now my best streak is 15 days.

With this blog post I hope that I motivate some of you to do a quick workout after you have read this – come on, it’s not as hard as you think once you have got past the first 5 minutes! Also, I hope I have made some people think about what exercise means to them. Perhaps you’re in the same boat as me, and likes to workout based on the concept of keeping fit and the fact that you think of nothing else whilst completing the workout. There are so many ways to keep fit and do exercise too, just pick one of them (and I mean there are hundred of forms of exercise) and stick to it! Good luck!

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