What inspires me :)

Today’s blog post will be a short one, since I’ve had a busy few days coming back from holiday and doing last minute homework and seeing friend etc., the usual.

The topic I have chosen to discuss is my inspiration(s) in life. What motivates me to succeed? There are many things that could answer this question but I will take you through the most important ones to me.

Number one on my list is friends. The friends I now have left in my life are only the ones who have stuck by my side through thick and thin; ie, not the ‘fake’ ones. I have picked them off one by one each time one of them has damaged me, just like I should’ve known. But these people taught me to value those of my friends who will and do actually care about me and my well being because having a one-way nonreciprocal friendship is not healthy for anyone, and I had began to lose my patience with a number of my old friends. So it was time to say goodbye to a good number of them. And, boy, am I glad I did! I now know who my true friends are and it is these people who allow me strive and push myself to the limits to become who I want to be, whilst, at the same time, advising me to take a step back when I push myself too hard. A good chunk of my inspiration and motivation to succeed now and later in life comes from them, because without them here in my life today, there’d be no me. Each and every one of them has helped me get out of uncountable bad situations and has helped me overcome my worst fears and anxieties so I owe a lot of my achievement today to them – so, thank you!

Number two may sound stupid, bu there’s some influencers on Youtube and Instagram who show me that there is more to life than just school, university, work, kids, retirement. Watching them live their lives as Youtubers, getting paid to edit and film Vlogs or fun videos or for simply posting sponsorship photos online really makes me want to do more with my own life. For me, this feeling usually hits me at around eleven p.m. at night, when I am sitting in bed, in PJs with my pimple cream applied and hair scraped back, that I feel most motivated and want to get up and go and live my life and conquer all of my dreams. Obviously, I can’t do it all at eleven p.m. at night and actually I never physically leave the bed after thinking all this, but the sense of motivation from watching those Youtube videos from stars like Emma Chamberlain or Summer McKeen runs through my body for at least a day or two after, and I will happily tell you that it is such a good feeling!

The last thing on my list is the fact that I can’t wait for my life to actual start excites me and this is the main thing that allows me to push forward and strive ahead, awaiting these exciting moments. (I am limiting my list to only three points because there are just way too many points that I could spend days talking about!) Somedays in the middle of my lessons at school I get this sudden urge to accomplish all my dreams and ambitions in life – which at first is a stupid feeling – but then I realise that most people my age don’t even know what they are having for dinner, let alone what career path they want to follow, which is why I fall in love with this motivation even more, because I have the power, as someone who actually knows what they want to do with their life, to act now and do something that’ll help me achieve those goals. And that is what motivates me and inspires me the most, the fact that I am willing to do what it takes to reach my future goals to live the happy life with a successful career that I have dreamed of for four years.

I’ll end with this. Never be scared to follow your dreams, even if that means going down a different path to your friends or having to literally move school or country to do so. If you have dreams, follow them. Don’t let a boyfriend, girlfriend or your parents tell you otherwise. It’s your life and you can do what you want to in order to fulfil your wishes and desires. Good luck and have a brilliant Sunday!

– Ellie!

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