About me!

Hi! I am a 16-year-old-girl called Ellie Overfield and just getting start with my blog. Starting up this blog is to share my experiences as a teenager and giving my opinion on fashion, lifestyle and fitness!

Who am I?

Currently I am in the process of completing my A-Level course at a nearby sixth form, taking 3 languages: German, Spanish and Latin. Being able to speak another language has always intrigued me and now I am so passionate about others picking up another language, whether that’s at school for your GCSEs or taking an online course on Babbel, Duolingo etc.

I have decided to start up a blog for a few reasons. Since I can remember I have kept a diary, a journal (whatever you want to call it), where I write about my experiences in life, any thoughts that come to mind or dreams and ambitions I have. It’s a very personal book which I don’t like others to read. However, recently I have learned that some of the things in my diary would actually be very useful for others to hear – mostly about life as a teenager or my fitness journey. Also, for a while I have been wanting this blog-thing to start up, to give me something else to do in my free time, something which I love to do – write and voice some hard topics that aren’t talked about enough such as mental health and self confidence. So here I go with this blog!

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