Top Tips For Motivation

Over the years, I have learned some very useful tips and tricks on how to stay motivated when it comes to getting your summer bod’ or simply for staying fit and healthy by working out.

I am a very motivated, driven person who also loves to work out and visit the gym. In my friend group I am known for being fitness fanatic who never goes a day without doing some form of exercise or another.

Even being a very healthy, gym-bunny type of girl, I do understand that remaining motivated can be hard sometimes, especially on days when you feel like the world is ending and nothing is going right! So I have made a list of seven tips for keeping up that positive energy 24/7!

  1. Wash your hair only on days you workout:

This trick has definitely helped me this last year. It is a very good way to carry on doing your work outs, and beat that “not today, maybe tomorrow” attitude. This idea especially works if you have a hair type similar to mine which means having to wash it every other day.


2. Workout as soon as you wake up

Even if your alarm is set for 6 a.m. for work or school, get in a 20 minute workout! If you workout before doing anything else, your mind will be refreshed and set you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. It’ll mean that you won’t eat yourself up at night if you didn’t have time to do a run or go to the gym after school or work. Make it a priority – the first thing you do in the day!

3. Have (& stick to) a schedule

Before you go to sleep at night, write out your to-do list (even if that only consists of waking up and going to school/work) and include your daily work-out. This means that (if you are as organised as me and likes to stick to a list) you will feel as though you have to do a workout. By doing this, you will keep on track and keep motivated throughout the days! Also, write out a weekly plan of your workouts, scheduling them in around the other things you have fixed in place in your diary. Write it in big block capital with a sparkly pen or highlighter if that helps!

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4. Have a good playlist

Pop, indie, rock, classical, whatever your genre. Make a 20-30 song long playlist so that each time you come to workout, you can hit shuffle and listen to a new order of your favourite songs each time. Currently my playlists mainly consists of what’s in the top 40, such as Justin Bieber, Jax Jones, and many pop remixes and sing alongs to get me pumped whilst doing squats! It is also a good idea to add in any old throwback songs that you used to love, to get you bopping during that minute plank…

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5. Variety

What’s more boring than doing the same boring workout day-in day-out? Make sure your workout plan comprises many different styles of workouts, with a new circuit each day. For example, Monday go for a run, Tuesday hit the gym, Wednesday do a body weight circuit, and so on. If you only do circuit workouts, make each one different. Focus on legs one day, arms the next. Variety, variety, variety!

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6. Put on your gym kit

For me, this is the easiest way of staying motivated, yet it’s only a small thing. Getting changed doesn’t take long – maybe 30 seconds? As soon as you have those leggings and sports bra on, laces double-knotted, you have done the hardest part of your workout. You’d feel silly if you got completely undressed and redressed to then not do any sport! Following on from Tip 2, I suggest putting on your gym clothes as soon as you wake up so that if you have got to go to work or school, you mind is forcing you to workout out (as showing up to school in a sports bra is not a good idea).

7. At last but not least… treat yourself

Tell yourself that you can eat that slice of cake or have that Starbucks Frappuccino after going to the gym or after your run. This way you will feel obliged to exercise and be motivated to do so by allowing yourself to work for your favourite snack. Another good idea is to only let yourself go out with your friends or online-shop after working out. This is a trick I constantly use, but I would not recommend eating cake after every workout as it defeats the point!

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